When Coverage Begins

When Your Coverage Begins

For employees who are expected to regularly work at least 30 hours per week, if you enroll within 31 days after becoming eligible, your coverage begins on your first day of active employment with a participating employer, subject to the eligibility requirements.

"Appendix D: Special Eligibility Rules" describes when coverage begins for employees who become eligible under those rules. As explained in that section, coverage begins as of the first day of the applicable stability period. 

You must regularly work the minimum required hours to keep your eligible status and your coverage, unless you qualify for continued coverage described in the "Continuing Coverage" section below or you remain eligible as described in "Appendix D: Special Eligibility Rules."

If your coverage ends because you do not work enough hours per week or you have reached the end of an approved absence or other continuation provision, you may not become covered again unless you satisfy the eligibility and enrollment requirements of the Plan.

When Dependent Coverage Begins

Coverage for your eligible dependent(s) begins on the later of the date your coverage begins or the date he or she becomes your dependent (assuming you enrolled the dependent within 31 days after this date). See "Enrolling New Dependents or Dropping Ineligible Dependents" for more information.