Changing Coverage Elections

The benefit coverage you elect under the Plan will remain in effect until the earliest of the following three events:

  • Your coverage ends.
  • During the annual Open Enrollment period, you elect new coverage to take effect the following January 1. Open Enrollment elections must be made in the manner directed by the Plan Administrator. Elections become effective only if you timely and properly submit a completed Benefit Election Form.
  • You make a new coverage election within 31 days following a qualified change in status (or 60 days following a gain or loss of coverage from Medicaid or a state child health insurance program), provided that the election change is because of and corresponds with the change in status (as determined by the Plan Administrator in accordance with IRS guidelines). To make a coverage election following a qualified change in status, complete a Benefit Election Form and submit it to your local HR representative within that 31- or 60-day period.