Health Care Program Participation


The Company and its affiliates ("participating employers") offer the following health care benefit plans:

  • The Medical Plan and the Prescription Drug Plan, which together comprise the "Alliance Coal Health Plan"
  • The Dental Plan, the Vision Plan, and the Health Care Flexible Spending Account, which together comprise the "Alliance Coal Dental, Vision, and Flexible Benefits Plan"

This benefits handbook refers to these benefit plans collectively as the "Health Care Program." This section of the handbook, Health Care Program Participation, contains information that applies to all of the plans included in the Health Care Program (often referred to as the "Plan" in this section). For each of these plans, there is also a separate section in this handbook with more details about the specific plan. These sections, including this Health Care Program Participation section, are the summary plan descriptions (SPDs) for the respective benefits and are components of the official plan documents.

Under these benefit plans, you choose your own health care providers. You and your providers determine the treatment and services that best meet your needs. These benefit plans offer important financial protection for you and your covered dependents by providing reimbursement for covered expenses within the limits specified by the Plan.