Open Enrollment for 2022 Benefits

Open Enrollment is a once-a-year opportunity to review and update your coverage elections for health and life insurance benefits provided by Alliance Coal. Make sure your benefits coverage meets you and your family‚Äôs needs for 2022! The deadline for Open Enrollment is November 19, 2021.

The following links and presentation provide the forms and information you need to complete enrollment. If you have questions, please see your local HR representative or contact Member Services.

Open Enrollment Information

Enrollment brochure

Enrollment video (see below)

Optional Life Insurance Worksheet

Life Insurance Calculator (xls)


Benefit Election Form (log in to see your location's Benefit Election Form)

FSA Enrollment Form (also known as Salary Redirection Agreement [SRA])

Spousal Health Care Affidavit (required for everyone, even if you are single; form must be submitted for spouse to receive coverage) 

PSSP Beneficiary Designation Form (note: for Life Insurance beneficiary designation, use the Benefit Election Form provided above)

Federally Required Notices

Summary of Benefits & Coverage (SBC) booklet

Annual Notices booklet

Profit Sharing & Savings Plan (PSSP): Automatic Contributions & Increases and Electronic Delivery of Statements

Profit Sharing & Savings Plan (PSSP) Participant Annual Notice

Open Enrollment 2022 Video