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Selecting Health Care Providers

You can choose whether you want to use an Alliance Direct provider or a Non-Direct provider. Alliance Direct providers are hospitals, doctors, and other health care providers that have direct contracts with the Alliance Coal Health Plan. You'll receive a higher benefit level – generally 100% with no deductible – when you choose a provider that has an Alliance Direct agreement for the service or supply you receive.

Non-Direct providers do not have direct contracts with the Plan. You’ll receive a lower benefit level with Non-Direct providers – generally 80/20 after a $400/$800 deductible.

To find an Alliance Direct provider, click the button below using a computer or mobile device. If you cannot access this directory, please contact Member Services at (855) 979-5192 to receive a list of Alliance Direct providers without charge.


For more information:

Alliance Direct Opt-In

If your doctor or other outpatient providers are not Alliance Direct, you can talk to them about opting in and/or share this provider flier with them. All licensed physicians and outpatient providers in good medical standing are eligible to participate in Alliance Direct Opt-In. The process is simple:

  • Your provider emails to request an opt-in packet.
  • Your provider completes and submits the forms and documentation directly to the Plan.
  • Once accepted, providers are added to the Alliance Direct online directory, and you receive the Direct benefit level (no deductible/copay/coinsurance except for ER) when you use them for eligible services.

If your providers have questions about Alliance Direct, they can call Provider Services at (855) 979-5194. 

Please note: chiropractic services are not eligible for the Alliance Direct benefit level. Regardless of which chiropractor you choose, eligible services are covered at 50% of Allowable Charges after the deductible.

Centers of Expertise

For designated procedures, the Plan has identified Centers of Expertise listed on the "Centers of Expertise" page. When you use a Plan-approved Center of Expertise for these procedures, the Plan pays 100% of Allowable Charges, and you avoid a 40% benefit penalty.

Information for Health Care Providers

If your hospital, doctor's office, or other provider needs more information than what is listed on your Health Plan ID card, they should refer to the "Information for Health Care Providers" page. They can also call Provider Services at (855) 979-5194.