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Using Your Health Care Benefits

Find an INP or PPO provider 

Read "Selecting Health Care Providers" to learn about our In-Network Plus (INP) and PPO networks of doctors, hospitals, and other providers. Click the buttons below to use the online directories.

Link to INP Provider Directory

Link to PPO Network listing

Who Is Eligible

Refer to "Eligibility and Enrollment" for information on whether you and your dependents are eligible for benefit coverage. If both you and your spouse have health care coverage through your employers, review the "Coordination of Benefits" flier

If your hospital, doctor's office, or other provider needs to check your eligibility, they can call WebTPA Eligibility & Claim Information at (888) 769-2432 or visit CoalBenefits.com/tpa.

Benefit Highlights

Read the "Medical Plan Highlights" brochure to learn the basics of how the Alliance Coal's medical coverage works, including information about medical deductibles, copays, preauthorization requirements, Care Coordination, and more.

Information for Health Care Providers

If your hospital, doctor's office, or other provider needs more information than what is listed on your Health Plan ID card, they should refer to the "Information for Health Care Providers" page.

Key Phone Numbers

  • Assistance selecting INP providers: (855) 979-5192
  • Preauthorization, denials, and appeals: (877) 563-7427
  • Care Coordination services: (855) 979-5206
  • Eligibility and claim information (WebTPA): (888) 769-2432 or CoalBenefits.com/tpa


* For most services. See the "Medical Plan Highlights" brochure for more highlights.