Bundled Surgery Services

Bundled surgery services can save money for both you and the Plan. With bundled services, the provider charges a single price for nonemergency surgeries and any related ancillary services, such as radiology, anesthesia, implants, and post-surgery services.

The list of bundled surgery providers currently approved by the Plan are listed on the document “Plan-Approved Bundled Surgery Providers."

When you use a Plan-approved bundled surgery provider for a listed surgery, you are eligible for the In-Network Plus benefit level (i.e., 100% covered with no deductible) as well as the travel benefits described in Travel Benefit. To receive these benefits, the surgical services must be referred through Care Coordination Services. As with any inpatient or outpatient surgeries, preauthorization is required to avoid a benefit penalty.

If you or a covered dependent need a nonemergency surgery, contact Care Coordination Services at (855) 979-5206 to ask if that surgery qualifies for bundled surgery services.