Highlights of the Plan

ProvidersYou choose any provider you wish.
Annual Deductible None
Preventive services
Basic services
Major services
Maximum Annual Benefit$1,500 per person for preventive, basic, and major services combined
Maximum Lifetime Orthodontia Benefit$1,500 per person
Cost of CoverageThere is no premium charged for this benefit plan. You and your employer share in the total cost of covered services.
How to Reach Member ServicesYou can reach Member Services by calling (855) 979-5192
Filing Claims

Most providers will file claims for you. Present your Alliance Coal Health ID card to your dentist's office.

If you need to file a claim, send your completed claim form and itemized bills to:

Alliance Coal
Payor ID #93658
PO Box 211577
Eagan, MN 55121